Thursday, February 3, 2011

Diamond Archery Rock 2.0

It’s been several months now since I posted anything about the Rock 2.0 bow by Diamond Archery. I have now used it quite a bit and have become pretty accurate at 15, 25, and 30 yards. My first kill was a doe at about 20 yards from a ground blind. The draw weight was set at 50lbs. I know 50lbs seems kind of low, but I'm a left handed person shooting a right handed bow. I am right eye dominant so I did not want to re-train my left eye. To me it was easier to learn to shoot a right handed bow. So far the equipment that came with the bow has held up just fine except the peep sight tubing. That was a quick fix, it was nothing major. As of now I have not purchased any accessories. I’m still deciding if I want a stabilizer, and I do plan on buying some limb savers.