Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Diamond Archery Rock 2.0 Bow Package

I bought this bow about a week ago. When I went to the archery shop I shot about 3 other bows before i tried the Rock 2.0 . The transition into the let off was very smooth. The 3 other bows had a bit of a jerk and i did not feel comfortable with them. This bow just felt right for me. I did a bit of tweaking when i got it home and it is very accurate. Im shooting very tight groups at about 15 yards. I plan on putting a stabilizer on it soon so that I can improve my accuracy a bit more. Im not sure if I really need one though because im shooting pretty good without it. The Rock 2.0 Bow Package includes: bow, three-pin fiber-optic sight, Hostage Capture arrow rest, black four-arrow twist-release quiver, braided sling and a peep sight. Some people have complained about the whisker biscuit,arrow rest, and sight but i have not had any problems yet. Overall im very satisfied with the bow. I spent a little more then i had planned, but it was well worth it. I will be posting some pics and updates soon.